ICC amends the Cricket ODI Powerplays; Major Changes

ICC Cricket Rules Updated No balls batting powerplays removed

Batting Powerplays has been helping the batsment and thrashing even the best bowlers. The Field restrictions which were added due to the batting powerplays helped every batsmen to hit a shot without any fear of getting caught. Bowlers were seen helpless and there was an imbalance of power between the batsmen and bowlers.

ICC on saturday decided to scrap this imbalance. ICC scrapped the batting powerplays and allow the  five fielders outside the 30 yard circle in the last ten overs on an innings in onde day matches.

Not just the powerplays, ICC also did a major change to do-away from the mandatory requirement of having two fielders in catching position in the early on.

One more change has been declared and its a mega change for Cricketing world. Its about FREE Hits. All no balls will go for a free hit in both ODIs and T20s unlike earlier when only foot-fault no balls were given free hits.

On one side, ICC empowered the Bowlers by scrapping the Powerplays, on the other it balanced this equation by imposing stricter rules on no balls to maintain the quality of the bowling.

Cricket is a passionate sport and these changes by International Cricket Council ( ICC ) for restoring the balance between bat and ball are a welcome change.



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